ERC day, 2017

As part of the Hungarian Year of Science, a workshop was organised on 22 November 2017 at the Physiological Control Research Centre.

The workshop aimed to summarise the experiences and achievements of the first year of the Tamed Crayfish ERC Stg grant, while further emphasis was placed on discussing future challenges, including scientific and management issues. After an introduction by the Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. habil. Levente Kovács, all the project researchers summarised their contributions to the audience. Prof. Dr. Zoltán Sápi, Professor of Pathology at Semmelweis University, gave a talk on the interrelationship between engineering approaches in medicine and targeted cancer therapies, while the postdocs (Dr. András Dániel Drexler, Dr. Johanna Sápi Sájevicsné and Dr. Dávid Csercsik) gave presentations on their narrow research areas. They also briefly presented the results of the student participants in the project (Bence Czakó and Tamás Gönczy). In the second part of the workshop, administrative issues were mainly discussed with the administrative staff of the University.