IEEE day, 2017

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the IEEE Hungary Section.

Many dignitaries graced the event with their participation. Oussama Khatib and Imre J. Rudas were awarded the Rudolf Kalman Prize. Tibor Vámos and Péter Arató were awarded the IEEE HS 2017 Award of Excellence. Subsequently, the former and the resigning board members received a commemorative medal for their dedicated service.

Oussama Khatib gave an interesting presentation on human-robot cooperation. This was followed by lectures by newly awarded Honoris Causas Professors Huijun Gao, Viorel-Aurel Serban, Ivan Gutman, and Honorary Professors Clara Ionescu and Michael E. Auer.

We are grateful to the appreciative audience for their participation and look forward to seeing you at the next upcoming IEEE event.