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Dr. habil Tamás Ferenci

Associate Professor

Tamás started his doctoral studies at the Medical Informatics Laboratory of BME, and finally received his PhD degree summa cum laude from the University of Obuda under the supervision of Levente Kovács. He is currently Associate Professor at the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, University of Óbuda, part-time Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics, CUB and Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Public Health, Semmelweis University.

His main research interests are biostatistics and pathophysiological modelling. He is a member of the Hungarian Statistical Society, the Hungarian Society of Clinical Biostatistics, the International Society of Clinical Biostatistics, the Hungarian Diabetes Society, the Hungarian Society of Cardiology, and has received the György Mundruczó Award (2010), the Gábor Nyerges Award (2013), the John von Neumann Publication Award (2015), the János Kemény Award (2017), the Lajos Markusovszky Award (2017), the Outstanding Mentor Award (2018), and the Rector’s Commendation (2020).